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Our FAQs

Below are a list of our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to become a member of the CCP Network?

No. Registration is free and you just pay for the services as and when you use them.

Can I use the CRM?

Yes you have free use for 2 users. You also get 150 free outbound calls upon joining. These can be any type of call.

Do we get discounted rates?

Yes. CCP members get discounts on all services

Can I get finance through CCP for our marketing?

We are partnered with probably the best there is in business finance, and you can apply through our Money4Marketing scheme.

As it's web-based, is it secure?

Security of data has always been top priority. It's totally secure.

Is there a long term contract?

No, not unless you want one.

Why is CCP so much cheaper?

It's because we use modern technology and we do not have an expensive infrastructure.

What is the biggest outbound campaign CCP can handle. We only run 1 very large one each year?

There are no limits. You cannot run out of capacity.

Can we use it overseas as we have operations in Germany and South Africa?

CCP is regularly in use in several countries. Teleagents can be based anywhere.

Can I hear the calls?

CCP is transparent in every respect. You have full visibility and control.

Can you provide call lists?

There are 2 top data list providers in the Network, but sometimes we can provide from our stock.

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