How can CCP offer so much for so little?
At its heart, CCP provides a self-managed CRM and contact centre functionality, with no expensive hardware and no limitations in capacity. Our product is unique, professional, and exceptional value for money.
CCP uses technology to break from traditional call centre solutions, giving you more features and more control.

We’re not limited by a rigid infrastructure and our product is easily adaptible to any business.

Even businesses in similar sectors, have very specific information to store in their preferred formats. CCP’s customisable database allows perfect alignment with any existing data structure.

Each individual field can be assigned bespoke permission levels to allow total access control. Personalised user profiles with unique settings provide maximum security of sensitive data.

CCP requires no capital expense. A simple laptop allows secure world wide access at any time.

Our contact centre utilises remote workers who are more reliable and flexible than traditional call centres.

With reduced overheads, we can pass this saving on to our customers, adding even more value.

The full benefits that the CCP systems provide are immense. Large offices, specialist hardware, and complex telephone systems are in the past.

CCP is designed to streamline businesses, by providing speedy and effective solutions to the challenges of operating businesses in modern times.

CCP brings together a range of powerful features in a single cloud-based location.

Everything is accessed from a single desktop icon, and our product can easily be intergated with many other business systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Having already invested time and money in hardware or CRM development it’s natural to resist change.

However CCP is web - based and able to integrate with other systems, particularly Sales Force and Microsoft Dynamics.

It’s possible to use all the CCP functionality alongside existing systems which allows a structured and seamless migration to CCP when the time is right.