CCP is designed to work with any business of any size
Use pre-configured data structures for specific sectors, or design and build them as required.


There is always a need to generate new clients, and revenue is often lost through missed opportunities to offer advice and additional services. The secure Document Storage within CCP, allows controlled client access to their data, providing unequalled communication between the practice and the client. CCP Reception, ensures that inbound calls are filtered to the correct branch, department and person. Earn significant commission from CCP referrals.


Most practising lawyers operate with mobile phones and direct lines and are often forced to use voicemail, which is not popular with paying clients. CCP provides a perfect solution. Reception’s professional teleagents will handle the call and redirect according to instructions. Messages are recorded, eliminating errors caused by messy transcriptions. CCP is a highly functional CRM and document storage is bespoke to the individual practice. Permission levels provides safe and secure sharing of information.


Receptionists can only take one call at a time, but if calls are not answered then most people simply dial another number. CCP’s highly trained teleagents will take the calls and deal with then as instructed. Existing customers are greeted by name. Use the CRM and automatic email to send timely reminders and offers to maximise attendance, as well as providing a central database of your valued customers.

Motor Dealers

Keep track of the customers, not the cars. It is vital to be aware of when customers are considering changing their vehicle. Once they migrate to a competitor they are gone for a long time, losing the commissions, and revenues from servicing and accessory sales. Gain intelligence on their plans and future requirements by contacting them at appropriate times with service, MOT, and event reminders; make the customer feel valued.


One central customer database allows an effective and efficient marketing process. Few retailers take advantage of customer or product surveys to up-sell or encourage repeat orders. Surveys gather valuable customer feedback on their experiences. There is much to be learned. Customer frustrations rise when their calls are not answered. All the marketing and sales effort can be lost through this simple but vital requirement. Good communication is essential.

Marketing Organisations

CCP allows the development of a CRM that suits the business. Each of the clients are able to use a data structure bespoke to their business. This allows swift and effective target selection. The document storage will handle the collateral and the mass email module will deliver the messages quickly and reliably with key facts automatically populated from the CRM records. Impress clients by creating and scheduling effective calling campaigns in just a few clicks.

Financial Services

CCP is packed with useful features for this sector. The FCA demand regular and meaningful contact with Clients, and the CRM with its massive functionality is the right tool for the job. The client and prospect data base will be organised quickly and easily, ensuring that compliance is maintained at all times and no opportunities are lost. The CCP scheduler will ensure that everybody is contacted at the correct and important time.

Estate Agents

All agents will agree that keeping in touch with clients or prospects when carrying out viewings is very difficult. Then there is the issue of matching requirements with the available properties and maintaining an accurate record of the sale process. CCP has the answer to so many of the problems that property agents experience, and it can be configured to suit the individual business. Talk to CCP and find out more.

Credit Control (Debt Collection)

With CCP, credit control is a soft but effective process that condenses weeks of credit control into a few days. Keeping the customer is vital but secondary to keeping the cash flowing. CCP considers both aspects. Most debts build because payment is requested too late and once it gets out of hand, but CCP prevents this by acting early and with great respect to the customers. Understand the customer position at earliest opportunity to avoid payment delay.


Matching candidates with work opportunities has never been easier with the CCP system. The totally flexible CRM structure will suit any recruitment process, quickly homing in on the possibilities. Notifications and appointments are quickly passed to the employer and applicant with easy attachment of forms and company information. Collect feedback on quality of placements through surveys. Keep in touch with local businesses regarding their recruitment needs through efficient outbound calling.